- My film "Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil" will be released in June. Check your local rental shop and library. I play an ill-fated North Korean mother and also am the voice of the South Korean news anchor whose report is heard over the credits. What an honor to wrap a movie! (Thank you, Jimmy!)

- My Korean language industrial "First 5 California" is still in postproduction. I play a visiting nurse in a very hands-on guide for new parents and take the journey with them step-by-step through the child's "first 5" years. This educational video is available through health providers or directly from the California Children and Families Commission. I'll keep you posted as to release date.

- I am set to play a determined, self-sacrificing mother of a drug-addicted teenager in a USC graduate thesis film "The Chain," which begins shooting in May. My character is compelled to take extreme measures to save her daughter. Just how extreme? Stay tuned.

- Will be shooting a new educational video: "Journey to Jupiter" for the Virginia-based Challenger Center for Space Science Education. Specifics to follow as the project unfolds.

- In non-acting news, I will visit Peru June 3-11. My group will hike the Inca Trail for 5 days to reach legendary Machu Picchu, among the "1,000 Places to See Before You Die". We have trained in the Southern California mountains for several months to prepare for our journey. The trail climbs to nearly 15,000 feet altitude, so we will try to acclimate ourselves in Cuzco at 11,150 feet before setting out. I will definitely miss my shower and loo, but the experience should be truly breathtaking. We'll treat the land gently and take snapshots to share with you later on this page.